A great story can inspire hope to those in need; endurance to those in need of encouragement; and may embrace once’s heart for a lifetime.

 CHRISTALAN is a marble statue of a knight that for more than 100 years has stood watch over the lands of Katrina Trask’s lands at Yaddo in Saratoga Srings, NY.  “CHRISTALAN” is engraved on the pedestal of the statue and is an amalgam of Katrina's children’s names, all of whom died in early childhood.  Ultimately, Katrina recognized that it is through the pursuit of passion that we overcome adversity. She channelled her grief into a philanthropic cause that inspired others to pursue their creative passions. Katrina greatly appreciated that the arts are “fields of passion” and recognized that a great piece of art (be it visual, literary, or music) can survive the hands of time.Yaddo ultimately became one of the greatest and most successful artist retreats in the world that gifted to humanity incredible works memorializing Katrina’s vision.  

 The likeness and similarity in the source of inspiration for the ARIAS brand and CHRISTALAN statue inspired this "port" style wine. We hope you enjoy.  

Passion. Taste it.