On November 18th, 1975 Angela Rosa Arias gave birth to her only son, David Ortiz Arias. It was with his mother's surname Arias, that David was drafted in Major League Baseball.

Angela's life was tragically cut short in a car accident in January of 2002.

 "At that point I have to be the stronger [person] in the family …pretty much everybody got hit really bad…I lose my mother, that I love, the person that give me the most love ever. But I never quit… I act strong in that one moment…. That's why I see everything in light and happiness...Life is a challenge… There's things in life that are going to throw you into the ground, but if you learn how to get up…that’s the best that a human being can have, never quit.” David Ortiz © Copyright 2006 Globe Newspaper Company

 Thereafter, David would honor Angela by pointing to heaven.

The solo act of the Opera is the aria(s). The word "aria" is an Italian word of the 18th century meaning "air". The designated hitter is the "aria" of baseball.

  The “Arias” brand celebrates the rising of the human spirit and inspires to overcome adversity... to never quit... to be like the "tide and conquer every shore”.