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The ARIAS WINE brand was created in 2015.

The logo with the hands pointing to the sky was to symbolize the rising of the human spirit against adversity.  


We sought to utilize ARIAS WINE as a means of raising monies and awareness for the David Oriz Children's Fund. 


ARIAS WINE is produced by Mount Felix of Havre de Grace, Maryland. 


As of this date, the efforts of ARIAS WINE raised over $250,000 for the David Ortiz Children Fund


Today's pandemic creates an environment that is very different then when David and I first met.

The Corona Virus (COVID19), devastatingly impacts people, families and businesses

Cousins of mine in Italy, Canada and New York contracted COVID19. 


Our wine business is not immune from attack.

Like so many other businesses across our great USA,  we were also required to close operations.


We've chosen to respond to the COVID19 threat by converting our winery into a craft distillery and producer of the hand-sanitizer, CLEAN-19. 


CLEAN-19's formulation was scientifically proven to disinfect for up to 4-hour as tested within a laboratory.


We thank you for and all our customers for support!

With your purchase of CLEAN-19 we will continue to donate proceeds from sales and strive to support the mission of the DAVID ORTIZ CHILDREN's FUND



Peter Ianniello